Negotiating a four inch wide beam at 50 feet above the ground with nothing to hold onto is difficult enough. Now add to it the fact that your job requires you to pull a rope tied to a chain motor. Next, try and sit on the beam and safely attach the chain to the beam that you are sitting onto.

In arenas, theaters and venues all across the US this happens everyday. Rigging for events, concerts, plays and shows has to be done in a safe and timely manner. Not just any engineered system will work. Theaters present many areas that weren’t designed for people to safely access and stadiums present even bigger challenges.

At UNISTRUT we start with the task at hand: Rigging. Our fall protection systems are installed to promote accessibility and flexibility to cover all of the work areas. Working with facilities personnel we design a complete fall protection system that is adapted to each specific building.

Whether it is during the design phase of a new venue or retrofitting an existing one, UNISTRUT will provide the most effective, cost effective fall protection system possible.