Custom-engineered overhead cranes take many forms to meet highly specific needs. Most applications are met by a wide selection of pre-engineered products that allow companies to choose the best fit for their application.

Routine inspections and maintenance tasks expose workers to a fall hazard that is not easily addressed. UNISTRUT Fall Protection can make these tasks safe and productive. Our experience with overhead crane fall protection has taught us that each installation requires a specific system to ensure not only that the workers performing the tasks are safe, but that they are also able to do their job efficiently. Some installations require custom posts or stanchions. Others connect directly to the existing structure beside the workers and other applications require an overhead fall protection system.

UNISTRUT Fall Protection will work with your staff to provide the optimal design for your overhead crane. From the initial site survey to the commissioning and Authorized User Training, UNISTRUT will work with you to create a safe and cost-effective means of protecting your employees.