As rapid transit demands change so do the designs of the buses that get used to meet them. More and more of the power, fuel, cooling and electrical systems are being moved from the back or bottom of the bus to the roof. This creates more space for passengers, however it creates a fall hazard for the people who maintain the buses. More than likely, these people have never been exposed to a fall hazard in their workplace and are not familiar with fall protection equipment. This makes coming up with a user-friendly system all the more important.

UNISTRUT is working various transit facilities across the US to provide the most unobtrusive, practical system for each location. Our design starts with the existing structure and is developed with the end user in mind. Is rigid rail the best option? Maybe a portable system or a permanent horizontal lifeline. Sometimes it is necessary to integrate a hoist system that is capable of removing bus components from the roof that are too heavy or too dangerous for the mechanics to remove. Knowing which system is right for the application takes experience and understanding. Our rigid rail systems allow workers to pass one another without disconnecting, reconnecting and/or swapping equipment. This helps keep their focus on the job and not falling. Horizontal lifelines, can be used in facilities where there may be overhead obstructions or where the existing structure is not strong enough to support a rigid rail system.

Whatever your needs are, UNISTRUT is ready to help you create a safe and productive workplace.