In the Hierarchy of Fall Protection installing guardrails is the second most effective way to ensure that workers are protected from falling, right behind eliminating the exposure. Guardrails and handrails as they are sometimes referred to, are a passive means of providing a safety barrier between employees and a fall from heights. With fall arrest equipment workers are expected to use the equipment properly every time that they are exposed to a fall hazard. Guardrails take the responsibility away from the workers and ensure that they are protected.

UNISTRUT has been providing guardrails on their catwalk systems for years. Each of our installations takes into consideration the area to be protected, building aesthetics, connection to the existing structure and the tasks at hand. UNISTRUT will design and install customized guardrails for any application. Our in-house engineering staff will provide detailed layout drawings and samples of the products to be installed so that you can be sure what we offer will meet your needs.

Whether we are providing a complete design build scope or installing free-standing, temporary guardrails, UNISTRUT Fall Protection is the right choice for safety.