Our newest offering is ideal for use in air transportation, truck transportation and transportation equipment manufacturing. These systems are temporarily installed and repositionable to provide a fixed path of fall protection coverage up to 30° off center. The systems are completely portable and can be moved with a large forklift or with the optional steerable rolling chassis package. Designed with one or two support columns with cantilevered headers, they provide easy access to the top of many types of vehicles.

Product Features

  • Able to support workers up to 400lbs – can be adapted if heavier loads are required.
  • Standard spans range for 14′ to 55′, with standard reach starting at 9′ and standard height starting at 20’.
  • Systems can be designed for one or two workers and utilize either single or dual track styles.
  • Bolt together components make set-up and installation effortless; no welding required.
  • Manual leveling jack plates.
  • Overall typical weight of approximately 13,800 lbs.
  • Enclosed track design eliminates the possibility of dirt or ice build-up interfering with trolley movement.