Some of the most difficult fall hazards to develop systems for are in areas with minimal fall clearances and areas that have no sound overhead structures. In order to raise the fall protection system anchor point, a new structure must be added in the form of additional steel, caissons and/or inverted “L” towers. All of these solutions allow structurally sound attachment points for your highly specialized safety system.

Many of these loading/unloading areas are in a rail yards adjacent to the buildings. Not all of these areas have the structural capability of supporting a fall arrest system. Developing a solution that works while being cost effective can be a challenge. UNISTRUT has installed Inverted “L”, “T” and gantry towers for various types of facilities across the US. Knowing which one is right for the application takes experience and understanding. Our Horizontal Lifeline Systems allow workers to walk on either side of the lifeline. This prevents the unwanted stresses workers experience when their fall protection suddenly snags or catches at an intermediate bracket. Our rail systems allow workers to pass one another without disconnecting, reconnecting and/or swapping equipment. This helps keep their focus on the job and not falling.