Everyday a facilities maintenance worker is exposed to a fall hazard that has not been addressed. Performing routine tasks on the roof of the building where low parapets, skylights and steep pitches are left unguarded. With the new products that are available to protect these hazards it is becoming harder to ignore them. Most often we find that the issues can be addressed by simply adding handrails or skylight guards or both. When this is not feasible our engineers look at how to best protect all of the work areas and decide what type of system will meet the structural requirements of the building.

UNISTRUT has Constant Force Posts that are installed from the top down and many times do not require attachment to the roof framing. When a fall does occur every Constant Force Post is designed to minimize the forces that are applied to the roofing material in order to protect the weather proof and structural integrity. There is a Constant Force Post for each various type of roof from Concrete to Composite, Standing Seam to Corrugated and even wood framing.

Our ManSafe Systems can be installed horizontally or on an incline, or even as a system that goes from horizontal to inclined and back to horizontal. ManSafe is proven durable and reliable in the majority of climatic and environmental conditions.