Roofwalk systems designed and installed by UNISTRUT Construction offer a low-cost solution to rooftop damage caused by foot traffic. On membrane, built-up, foam and coated roofs, they protect against puncture, abrasion and wear and provide a safe, clearly defined, anti-skid walking surface. On standing-seam metal roofs, workers can walk safely on the anti-skid surface without causing seam distortion or harmful stress to the roofing panels. Both of these systems utilize special hardware anchoring systems that require no roofing penetrations.
Advantages of UNISTRUT Construction Roofwalk Systems over conventional methods;

  • Non-penetrating solution compatible with the leading standing seam roof manufacturers.
  • Pre-galvanized grating sections reduce overall Roofwalk system dead load compared to conventional methods (concrete pads, etc).
  • Provides a safe walkway for rooftop traffic.
  • Protects the roof from foot traffic and costly repairs.
  • Galvanized steel & aluminum panels resist weather.
  • Utilizes non-penetrating roof anchoring systems.
  • Remains visible during all types of weather (snow, heavy rain, etc).

As with all of UNISTRUT Construction’s turnkey projects, our Roofwalk systems are designed specifically to meet customer requirements and can be planned to accommodate around existing roof obstructions or site conditions.