Assess fall protection requirements to help protect maintenance workers performing routine tasks atop buses


A site visit was conducted with the transit authority’s safety officer along with the plant operations manager. A few options were available to the client by utilizing either a cable fall arrest system or a rigid rail fall arrest system. The client required a system that would be able to handle TWO (2) workers at any given time with rescue occurring from the ground with the use of a scissor lift. Unistrut’s in-house engineering team came to the conclusion that a cable system would not suffice due to the loading that would be transferred to the open web steel joists. However, it was determined that the building was capable of supporting the loads from the UNISTRUT ARRESTA TRACK SYSTEM. A rigid rail system is advantageous in these situations as it spreads the load through multiple connection points to the structure, rather than being transferred to the ends of the cable system. Unistrut’s Arresta Track System was the preferred solution as it provides many advantages:

  • Custom paint color to blend into the existing building, (or provide a hot dipped galvanized finish depending on the environment of the installation).
  • Enclosed track to help deter the build-up of dust and debris.
  • Systems can be designed to allow users to by-pass each other.
  • Ease of installation
  • Due to the use of Unistrut Metal Framing components we have created a weld-free Fall Arrest Rigid Rail System.