Our customer needed a solution to help protect their workers while they accessed leading edges to clean gutters and inspect flashing.


Our Fall Protection Team went onsite and performed an initial survey to address the customer’s needs. After a short discussion, we presented them with a couple different options. We presented the customer with these options and explained the benefits of each one. The final decision was to install Energy Absorbing posts and horizontal lifelines. The benefit of these posts versus a rigid post is simply the attachment to the existing building. Energy Absorbing posts have the same concept as the shocks on your car.

By allowing the energy to dissipate through the post, the load transferred to the existing structure is significantly less than that of a rigid post. This allows the posts to simply attach to a metal pan deck, wood sheathing, concrete, standing seam, etc, without needing additional structural steel below. The customer was extremely satisfied with this solution, the results were a cost effective design that will protect his workers.