Our customer needed a solution to help protect their workers while going on the roof to perform routine maintenance on various equipment.


Our Fall Protection Team went on site and performed a full survey, documenting all areas of importance. Upon arriving on site, they were told whatever solution Unistrut Fall Protection would come up with would need to be non-penetrating. This immediately ruled out installing posts and cable systems. We presented them with a freestanding guardrail system. This solution was especially convenient for them because of the quick installation time and the versatility of the product. If they ever needed to replace a mechanical unit with a larger one or needed to relocate a unit, they would be able to re-use the freestanding guardrail. If they needed to add sections in the future, this would not be a problem. We also installed a ladder system which would guide the worker 6’-0” from the leading edge before he could turn left of right. This ensures the workers are staying safe while working at heights and more importantly, staying OSHA compliant.