Any piece of life safety equipment is only as good as the way that it is used and the condition that it is in. Just as training is an integral part of any fall protection plan, inspection is key to the overall safety of the people that use the systems and equipment. Harnesses, lanyards, carbiners and self-retracting lifelines are used and looked at on a daily basis. What about the anchor points and lifelines that we attach these devices to? Are the cables too tight or too loose? Has the hardware come loose over time? What about the misuse or abuse that can’t be seen without walking along each lifeline or rail?

At UNISTRUT we know how important the integrity of life safety equipment is and how easy it is to assume these systems are in good working order.

Our Certified Installers examine and document every part of the engineered systems that they inspect. Whether it requires rope access or just working from the walking surface below, UNISTRUT will provide complete, competent and professional OSHA and ANSI inspection.

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